Call for Makers!

Are you a local Maker? We need you! Come to show off your skills, talents, and ideas.

The Geneseo Maker Fest is a one-day celebration to promote and share the creative pursuits of our local makers and what they create. Makers range from kitchen scientists or garage tinkerers to coders or teachers to choreographers or dance enthusiasts. Share your talents and skills with our local community. Are you a budding inventor? Do you have ideas to combine technology and woodworking? Or something else not-yet thought of? This is the opportunity for you!

From beginner to artisan, we encourage all stages of expertise and skill level to participate. Our goal is to expand the scope of what constitutes ‘Making’ with an emphasis on user engagement as well as to inspire attendees to join in the Maker Movement themselves. We particularly encourage interactive exhibits that highlight the process of making (or fixing!) things.

Examples of established Making topics include: woodworking, robots, novel inventions, Arduino, coding, improvisation, knitting, cardboard construction, digital design, gardening, composting, LEGO™, interactive shows, audio or video creation, experiments, recycled & upcycled objects, green projects, homemade instruments.

To be considered as a 2020 Maker, please complete the application form.