Makers and Station Descriptions

Board Game Design

I'm showing off a board game I made and teaching how you should be making a board game.

Maker: Cameron Vamum

Releasing the Music Within Us

When I first discovered Fl Studios during middle school, I was captivated by the ability to make music with nothing more than my mind and computer. Over the past nine years, music production has continued to serve as a creative and emotional outlet for me. While music production may seem like a talent, I believe anyone is capable of doing it. With the right tools and a little guidance, it is possible for anyone to turn their emotions and creativity into music.

Maker: Caleb Bolha

Reduce, Reuse, Rubecycle

Our plan is to use recycled or repurposed objects to create an eco-friendly Rube Goldberg machine. We are not experts but we are friends interested in the process of crafting one from scratch to see if a novice could do so with no prior experience.

Makers: Kelsey Kwandrans, Udeshi Seneviratne, & Sara Feinland

Makacademy Projects

Local Makerspace projects

Maker: Mike Cinquino

Exploring Woodworking Programs

The Finger Lakes Community Woodshop offers educational hands on programs to teach people about woodworking and to offer shop space for the advancement of their skills. The woodshop is located at the Little Lakes Community Center in Hemlock NY.

Maker: Finger Lakes Community Woodshop

Come Play with the Makacademy

An underwater remote vehicle based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Maker: Makacademy

Celtic Knot Calligraphy

Celtic knots are beautiful creations used as borders around photos or documents. Learn a simple method of using dots and lines to create Celtic knots using paper and pen.

Maker: Doug & Sue Ann Brainard

Making Music!

Come learn how to make music on Arduinos and Little Bits! Potential sounds include eerie music from a theremin, and funky beats on the Little Bits!

Maker: UR TinkerSpace


The Rochester LEGO User Group's Great Ball Contraption will keep you mesmerized, showing the awesome possibilities of LEGO and your imagination!

Maker: Rochester LEGO User Group

The Lake Temperature

A system that measures the underwater temperature of Conesus and Silver Lakes will be demonstrated. This project involves circuit board design, microprocessor programming, cellular and WiFi communication systems, internet based data systems and mechanical design. This ongoing project continues to collect valuable data related to the health of these lakes.

Maker: Karl Hanafin

Learn Sign Language

Sign Language education is in high demand. Meowchickenfish gives you a way to learn within your smartphone. In 2019, he is teaching three words per day and this is the best way to motivate yourself to become fluent in this language.

Maker: Chad Krohn

Cardboard Creations

Spend time at our exhibit creating and building whatever you imagine with cardboard.

Maker: Geneseo Students

Tile Painting

Visit our exhibit and have fun painting with tile!

Maker: Danny's Village Flooring

VeRacity VRcade: Virtual Reality

Try out the Richie’s Plank Experience in Virtual Reality. 1 out 12 people won’t be able to complete our challenge. Go up 80 stories, feel your heartbeat rise while your palms start to sweat. When the doors open, we dare you to walk on the plank.

Maker: Chad Krohn

Explore Makey Makey, an invention kit for everyone!

Using alligator clips and a Makey Makey you can control any computer program with everyday objects. You can play a piano with bananas, create a beat on the bongos with water, flowers or even play dough. Create your own controller by drawing one. Find out what you can "makey makey"!

Maker: Bettina Debell

Let's Play (with) Cards!

Bring your imagination & create your own personalized cards! Card stock, fancy paper, stamps, ink, etc., will be provided for participants to use, & some examples to spark your imagination will be available as well. You too can make cards just as nice as though from the expensive cardshops!

Maker: Sherry Larson Rhodes

Workshop Descriptions

Virtual Reality

Experience virtual reality with an Oculus Rift! There will be two Oculus Rift devices that will allow you to explore various VR applications and experience what it is like to use an Oculus Rift.

Presenter: Dr. Kirk Anne

Repurposed Puppets

This workshop will provide examples of repurposed puppets that can be easily made within the classroom. Attendees will learn to make shadow, glove, hand, and free form puppets by re-purposing materials. They will learn the basics of puppetry and will leave eager to create their own puppets for many purposes.

Presenter: Dr. Sharon Peck

Learn to Knit or Crochet with Geneseo Stitches

Looking to learn a crafty new skill? Learn to knit or crochet with Stitches, SUNY Geneseo’s Knitting and Crocheting Club! Choose which skill you want to learn and one of our experienced members will guide you. Open the door to a world of creativity!

Presenter: Adelaide Weidner

The Disappearance of Daniel Bennett

A portable escape room experience. Solve the mysteries surrounding the Disappearance of Daniel Bennett! Sign up for a 1 hour escape room experience or drop by the station to observe or ask questions of one of the project's creators.

Presenter: Alan Witt

Video Creation

Attendees will get a chance to create their own video using an assortment of fun backgrounds.

Facilitator: SUNY Geneseo Students